Melanie Hicks, Cory Chase – Forbidden Desires: Sister, Wife, and Me


TabooHeat – Melanie Hicks & Cory Chase – Fucking My Sister for My Wife

TabooHeat – Melanie Hicks & Cory Chase – A Forbidden Encounter

Scene One: Embracing Artistic Expression

During a visit, Cory’s sister-in-law learns about her new photography business. Cory reveals that she has been paid a significant amount for capturing intimate moments of her husband and daughter. Initially shocked, Melanie gradually understands the artistic nature of the photos and reluctantly agrees to be Cory’s latest model.

Driven by financial need, Melanie allows her brother to touch her breasts while being photographed by Cory. Each pose becomes increasingly sexual, causing Melanie to feel uncomfortable with the situation. She ultimately puts an end to the session, regretting her decision.

Scene Two: Exploring Forbidden Desires

Excited by the positive response to their previous photoshoot, Cory informs her husband and sister-in-law that there is potential for more opportunities if they are willing to go further. Tempted by monetary gains, Melanie convinces herself that she can handle it emotionally.

Cory instructs them as she captures provocative images of Melanie undressing her brother. Overwhelmed with embarrassment, Melanie struggles with conflicting emotions as her brother performs intimate acts on her at Cory’s command. Eventually, she finds herself doing something unimaginable – engaging in oral sex with him under the guise of artistry. Their interaction intensifies when he penetrates just a fraction inside her while being photographed.

Scene Three: Diving into Uncharted Territory

Days later, another request comes in from a client – they want to witness real sibling intercourse and are willing to pay generously for it. Surprisingly enough, this notion doesn’t completely repel Melanie anymore; it now seems like a possibility due to their desperate financial situation.

As they engage in sex on camera at Cory’s direction, Melanie tries desperately not to think about who she is with but rather anyone else entirely. Despite feeling shame mixed with pleasure throughout their passionate encounter on the couch – an experience that would be unforgettable if not for her brother’s involvement – Melanie reaches a climax when he enters her from behind. As the camera clicks away, capturing every moment, she experiences both humiliation and an undeniable sense of satisfaction.

Scene Four: The Burden of Guilt

Unable to erase the memory of their previous encounter, Melanie remains haunted by the taste of her brother’s semen. Feeling regretful and confused about her decisions, she meets Cory to receive her share of earnings and discuss future photoshoots. Initially relieved that she won’t have to engage in any more acts with her brother, Melanie learns that it will now be with her other brother instead.

Overwhelmed by desperation and influenced by the financial gain, Melanie reluctantly proceeds as she strips down and performs sexual acts on camera once again. Turning off her mind and allowing instinct to take over, she battles conflicting emotions but finds herself embracing pleasure despite everything. With a mixture of shame and obedience, she fulfills Cory’s request for a facial shot while on her knees. The feeling that no amount of cleansing can rid herself from lingers within.

Scene Five: Unveiling the Depths

The influx of money tempts Cory to continue pushing boundaries with their taboo content. Despite objections from her husband who questions if they should stop this exploitative venture altogether, Cory is determined not to let go of such lucrative opportunities.

Cory reveals that their client desires more intimate photos involving both siblings together. In exchange for fulfilling this request, Cory suggests being naked alongside them so that Melanie’s brother can focus on his wife while engaging in intercourse with his sister. Reluctantly undressing herself once more with determination in her eyes yet uncertainty lingering deep within; Melanie resigns herself to what lies ahead.

Melanie joins in as they engage in explicit acts orchestrated by Cory behind the lens – using both holes at his command while experiencing multiple climaxes throughout their session driven by raw desire mixed with guilt. Cory’s final instruction, to ensure that her brother ejaculates on Melanie’s face and not the camera, leaves her with a startling realization – she is beginning to find pleasure in this forbidden realm.

Date: January 11, 2024